Real Tech Inc. offers several optional/accessory products to accompany our various product solutions to further enhance performance, ease of use and meet your specific installation requirements.

Dual Feed

Our Dual Feed option allows for two sample water lines to be connected to one continuous real time analyzer. This option for example allows for the analysis of percent removal of organics across a particular application. Applicable for the Real UV254 'M' series, and the Real Spectrum Gold and Platinum series.

Real Clean System

The Real Clean automatic chemical cleaning system improves the performance and further reduces the maintenance of Real Tech Inc.'s continuous real time analyzers for applications with harder waters or wastewater applications. Applicable for the Real UV254 'M' series, and the Real Spectrum Gold and Platinum series.

Pump System with Real Clean

This cost effective solution allows any of the Real UV254 M2000 series or Real Spectrum Gold and Platinum analyzers to be easily used for open channel or non-pressurized wastewater applications. The pump system includes the Real Clean system.

Touch Panel PC

(Exclusive for use with Real Spectrum Gold & Platinum Series)

For those looking to enhance their Real Spectrum Gold and Platinum continuous spectral analyzers with further ease of use, on board analysis capabilities and ability to upgrade to several various software packages available which allow for various chemometrics features, the Touch Panel PC is your option of choice.

Software Packages

To further build on Real Tech's continuous real time analyzer options, various software packages are available. Please contact your local sales representative or Real Tech for further information.