November 2011

CleanTech North awards Real Tech for their contribution to improving global water quality and success as a CleanTech company in Canada.

November 2011

Real Tech demonstrates it's new Spectrum series product line at this years Water Quality Technology conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

November 2011

Real Tech is pleased to be expanding it's global trade show schedule to include exhibition at Aquatech in Amsterdam this month.

October 2011

For the third consecutive year Real Tech is honored to receive the prestigious Deloitte Technology Green 15 award, recognizing Real Tech as a leader in CleanTech in Canada.

October 2011

Real Tech exhibits again at WEFTEC in Los Angeles, California.

September 2011

Real Tech to exhibit at Watertech 2011 in Ahmedabad, India.

September 2011

Real Tech heads to Toronto, Ontario for the 2011 IUVA North American Conference.

September 2011

Stop by our booth during the Water Security Conference in Nashville, TN during Sept 11-14. Booth #204

August 2011

The team at Real Tech enjoys the completion of yet another expansion of their new facility to accommodate their growth.

June 2011

Real Tech Inc. exhibits at AWWA ACE show in Washington, and unveils their new Real Spectrum series launching this year. This new product series expands Real Tech's technological advantages into full spectrum water quality analysis to offer significant advantages for the further detection of many common and emerging water contaminants.

October 2010

Real Tech Inc. exhibits at WEFTEC show in New Orleans.

Septmber 2010

Real Tech Inc. is very pleased to announce that it has been awarded again with the Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award, recognizing Real Tech as one of Canada's leading GreenTech companies.

September 2010

Real Tech Inc. exhibits for first year at the AWWA Water Security Conference in Washington, D.C. Real Tech showcases their new Real UV254 Security monitor developed for detecting contamination events within a municipal drinking water distribution system in real-time.

June 2010

Real Tech Inc. exhibits for the fourth consecutive year at the AWWA ACE10' 'World Water' event in Chicago, Illinois.

February 2010

Real Tech Inc. is very pleased to launch their newest product, the Real UV254 Lo-Pure Online monitor. With Real Tech's 'Split-Sense Pro' technology the Real UV254 Lo-Pure Online monitor provides superior detection in highly organic ladden wastewaters. Real Tech now also has an affordable Pump/Clean System Kit option available for this new product to allow it be easily used in open channel and/or non-pressurized wastewater applications.

November 2009

Real Tech Inc. will be exhibiting in this year's AWWA Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition in Seattle, Washington.

November 2009

Real Tech Inc. launches their new Real UV254 Hi-Pure Online monitor which provides real time detection of trace amounts of organic contaminants in high purity waters. Real Tech Inc.'s new patent pending 'Split-Sense Pro' technology, allows for extreme accuracy providing ppb sensitivity making it ideal for membrane integrity applications and monitoring accidential or intentional contamination in distribution systems.

October 2009

Real Tech Inc. to unveil their newest product, the Real UV254 Hi-Pure Online monitor, at this year's WEFTEC show in Orlando, Florida. Be sure to visit our booth at this event to see a demonstration of our newest product.

October 2009

Real Tech Inc. is thrilled to have been awarded the Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award, presented to the company by David Suzuki. This award recognizes Real Tech as a leading Canadian GreenTech company.

June 2009

Real Tech Inc. exhibits at the AWWA ACE09' event in San Diego, California. This is Real Tech's third consecutive year at this 'World Water' event.

December 2008

Real Tech Inc. awarded patent for their portable Real UVT field meter's unique technology which allows for extreme accuracy, fast 1 minute warm-up time and better repeatability. Now the Real UVT meter's technology also provides users another unique new advantage with the meters ability to remember it's last calibration. This enables users to be able to skip the calibration step all together when DI pure water is unavailable, further simplifying the meters already easy to use testing procedure.

October 2008

The Real UVT Online monitor's new Real Clean automatic chemical cleaning system is now available ensuring superior performance and reduced maintenance of Real UVT Online monitor for those harder water and wastewater applications.

June 2008

Receiving the award at last year's AWWA ACE07' event for the most useful new product, the Real UVT Online monitor was back at this year's AWWA ACE08' event in Atlanta, United States. Demonstrating to attendees its winning innovative Ortho-Beam technology. Accompanied by the portable Real UVT field meter, Real Tech Inc. proved once again to have the best UV254 organic testing solutions the industry has to offer.

March 2008

Real Tech Inc.'s article "Monitoring Aromatic Organics Helps Optimize Coagulation", appears in the Waterworld March 2008 issue. This article discusses several advantages of the Real UVT Online Monitor for optimization of coagulation applications. To view this article click here.

February 2008

Real Tech Inc. to exhibit at AWWA ACE08' event June 8 – 12th, 2008 in Atlanta, United States. Real Tech Inc. welcomes attendees to the show to visit the Real Tech booth #2537 to see a demonstration of our products and their innovative technologies.

January 2008

Real Tech Inc. introduces its dual feed option for the Real UVT Online monitor. The inexpensive dual feed option allows for two sample water lines to be connected to one Real UVT Online monitor. This not only provides an obvious cost savings but also enables the Real UVT Online monitor to provide valuable percent removal data.

December 2007

IUVA's December issue features Real Tech Inc.'s "New Technology Offers Real Solution for Online Organic Monitoring" article providing further insight about Real Tech Inc's Ortho-Beam technology.

October 2007

Real Tech Inc.'s article "A Practical Solution for Real Time Organic Monitoring", appears in the Water and Wastes Digest October 2007 issue. This article discusses the breakthrough of the Real UVT Online monitor's innovative Ortho-Beam technology illustrating the strong technology advantage that Real Tech Inc.'s new technology has over the competition. To view this article click here.

September 2007

Real Tech Inc. launches its new Real UVT Online monitor with exclusive Ortho-Beam technology. The Real UVT Online monitor is a continuous UV 254nm online testing monitor which utilizes Real Tech Inc.'s patent pending Ortho-Beam technology to solve the challenges faced by other online UV 254nm monitors. Read more about the Real UVT Online monitor click here.

July 2007

Real Tech Inc.'s new Real UVT Online monitor wins "People's Choice Award" as voted by the attendees at the AWWA ACE 07' event for being the "most useful new product".

June 2007

Real Tech Inc. exhibits at AWWA ACE 07' 'World Water Event' in Toronto, ON, Canada. Real Tech Inc. unveils a sneak peak at their new product the Real UVT Online monitor in the New Product Technology Showcase at the show.