Real UV254
'P' Series

For over 7 years, our Real UV254 'P' series portable meters have been redefining expectations for organic analysis in the field. With our patented Split-Sense technology, we offer hands down the world's most advanced, accurate and affordable portable UV254 organic testing meter.

With an unprecedented 1 minute warm-up time, extreme accuracy of better than ±0.5% UVT (UV254), and a price point anyone can include in their budget, the Real UV254 'P' series portable meters can't be beat.

Designed to cope with the harsh conditions encountered in the field, the 'P' series meters are very rugged yet have an accuracy that surpasses most laboratory instrumentation. Our meters can also provide testing in both units of UV transmittance (UVT) and UV absorbance (UVA), and any of the meters can be equipped with our optional battery pack feature, allowing the 'P' series meters to truly go anywhere, anytime.

In addition, our patented Split-Sense technology also allows for the unique ability to remember the meters calibration, eliminating the need to calibrate (zero) the meter to a known pure (DI) water source before taking a measurement. This improves ease of use in the field for performing rapid grab sample testing of various water sources.

No matter what your application, we have a meter that's right for you. Our P100 model allows for the easy and rapid detection of highly organic laden wastewaters, while our P110 model allows for not only testing capabilities in wastewaters but in general water quality conditions as well. Our P200 model is our standard general-purpose water quality meter, and for those high purity (ultrapure) water applications we offer our P300 model.

To download the Real UV254 Product Series Brochure in PDF format click here.

The technical specifications for the Real UV254 'P' series clearly illustrate the many advantages of Real Tech's patented Split-Sense technology.

The 'P' series portable meters are not only the most technologically superior but the most affordable and practical devices on the market today for providing quick and easy UV254 organic analysis.

Range0 - 1.3 UVA 5 - 100 %UVT0 - 8 UVA
Accuracy± 0.5 % FS
Resolution0.001 UVA 0.1 %UVT0.001 UVA
Path Length10mm10mm, 2mm
Sampling Timen/a
CalibrationCalibration memory prevents the need to re-zero to DI water.
Self DiagnosticsNotification of system failure
Operator InterfaceEasy to use. No complex configuration required
Display32 character backlit LCD
Humidity Controln/a
Light SourceLow-pressure mercury UV lamp
Lamp Life2 years
Dimensions8.7"L x 7.5"W x 3.9"H (254 cu in)
EnclosureRugged, compact, watertight and dustproof
Flow Raten/a
Pressure Ratingn/a
Fluid Connectionsn/a
Electrical12VDC 1A wall adapter (accepts 90-250VAC 50/60Hz), 12VDC car adapter
Storage Temp-20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Operating Temp0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
Weight4 lbs
Warranty2 years limited warranty

To download the Real UV254 Product Series Brochure in PDF format click here.