Real UV254
'M' Series

Our Real UV254 'M' series products allow for the instantaneous real time detection of the UV254 organic water quality test parameter. All our 'M' series monitors benefit from our unique technology advantages to provide effective and simple solutions to the inherent challenges of UV254 real time organic monitoring, thereby creating a product offering with superior performance at a fraction of the cost of alternative organic monitoring solutions.

M1000 Series

Our M1000 series is our probe style analyzer series which is ideal for heavily organic laden wastewater applications which are open channel or non-pressurized.
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M2000 Series

Our M2000 series is ideal for heavily organic laden wastewater applications, and can be outfitted to suit various installation requirements.
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M3000 Series

Our M3000 is suited for most general water quality installations, and is designed with our innovative Ortho-Beam technology.
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M4000 Series

Our M4000 series is specifically designed for use in high purity (ultrapure) water applications, often being substituted for conventional TOC analyzers, and ideal for security monitoring within distribution systems.
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Our Technology Advantage

Simple and effective. This is the best description of how Real Tech's innovative technologies are solving the inherent problems with real time UV254 organic analysis. The 'M' series products utilize either Real Tech's patent pending Ortho-Beam technology or Split-Sense Pro technology. Both technologies essentially are able to provide a simple and effective means for compensating for the inherent fluctuations and drift associated with the light sources used for UV254 analysis, thereby significantly improving accuracy, reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness of real time UV254 analysis.

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